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New Restaurant In Hanover: SamosaMan

Aug 07, 2019 12:40PM ● By Jessica Bowman
SamosaMan started out in a summer street in 2001 with a mission to bring authentic food from Congo to the New England area. Fuad Ndibalema, often known as the samosa man, works at farm stands in Boston, and regularly comes up to the Lebanon area for various festivals. Now Samosaman is setting up shop in Hanover, NH, taking over where the old Bagel Basement Digs used to reside.

Ndibalema comes from the Congo and he had trained as an electrician, but after losing an apprenticeship he was forced to think of what else he should do. He felt he had to make something that added value to people’s lives. He turned to the food he used to eat at home and felt that people would enjoy it if they knew about it.

However, the food Ndibalema creates is different from the samosas of Congo. For one, Ndibalema makes it a point to listen to his customer's suggestions on what they want to see in the Samosas. It seems to be working well for him as Ndibalema has said that the samosas made that way are usually universally enjoyed.

Samosaman has come a long way since 2001, to this day Samosaman is dedicated to practicing ethical trading and using natural organic products. They are a member of Vermont Fresh Network, an organization connecting farmers, food producers, and chefs, and have won the Seven Daysies Award for best farmer’s market vendor three times over.

One of the biggest compliments Samosaman receives from its customers on yelp and from outside news sources is the great customer service. Dylan W. on yelp had this to say after visiting Samosaman.

“Delightful Indian food - these guys know how to handle their spices!!! We tried 5 different samosas and all of them are delicious. The curry & rice specialties are also great, and the portion is huge. For a $10.95 chicken curry with rice, you get like 2 pounds of food and there are giant chunks of chicken breasts in it.”

It sounds like Samosaman has a lot going for it, with a loyal following that will keep them afloat as they journey into taking up residence where Bagel Basement Digs used to be. Samosaman has great vegetarian and non-vegetarian choices as well as plenty of vegan and non-vegan choices.

A menu as diverse and adaptable to change as Ndibalema has made is bound to go far. Samosaman also does take out, catering, and delivery for the people of Hanover, New Hampshire.

As the restaurant grows the one most important aspect to Fuad Ndibalema is the community. In an interview with Ndibalema said, “It’s all about community, and the community will be there for us.” This is especially heartwarming when you consider the spot Samosaman has chosen to take up business. It has been referred to as a Bermuda triangle before, with previous businesses not being able to stay for more than a few months. Since Bagel Basement closed several years ago, four other businesses have attempted to set up shop, none have lasted.

Thankfully, Ndibalema’s faith in his community seems to be a sole motivator and the reason he is not deterred. With luck, good business practice and an ear for listening to his customers Fuad Ndibalema will bring a new taste of flavor to the New England area, one that is greatly appreciated by locals and loyal followers alike.

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