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A Few Tips from Experts to Redo Your Master-Bedroom

Jul 25, 2017 08:27PM ● By Linda Ditch
When you think about redecorating a room in your home, which one comes to mind first?

Considering how much time you spend there each day (granted, a big part of that time is spent sleeping), maybe it’s time to spruce up the master bedroom. Best of all, just two simple changes can make a big impact—and you don’t have to spend a lot.

Start with the walls. Changing the wall color can cause the most dramatic impact to the look of a room without breaking the budget. Since the room is for resting, the colors should lean toward those with a calming effect, such as soft blues and greens or neutral tones of white, beige, brown, or gray. One way to get started is to choose a wall color from accessories or artwork already in the room. Stick with complementary colors or tones of the same color to keep the look from becoming too busy and hectic.

If you plan to do the painting yourself, pay a visit to Fogg's Hardware and Building Supply in Norwich ( They’ll help you choose paint colors and assemble all the supplies you’ll need to do the job right. If painting is not in your skill set, call Jeff Wilmot Painting & Wallpapering, Inc. in South Royalton to do the job for you.  

The bed should be your next focal point. Upgrading your bedding not only gives the room a lot of style but also increases you’re comfort and can improve sleep. Interior designer Kathleen Doyle writes in her Green Acres blog, “. . . as a designer, I know the bedroom is all about the bed. It’s where you spend your time. It needs to be the focus.”

Kathleen writes that she prefers white or ivory colored bedding. Buying solid, neutral colors give you flexibility in the overall design since you can add printed shams, dust ruffles, and throw pillows to fit your style and change with the seasons. 

“Investing in good-quality bedding ensures a better night’s sleep and keeps the focus where it needs to be. Color, pattern, and interest can come from artwork, curtains, dust ruffles, blankets, accent pillows, lampshades, and upholstered furniture,” she writes in her blog.

If the bed doesn’t have a headboard, here are a few budget-friendly ideas for making one:

  • Place wall decals at the head of the bed.
  • Cut out a headboard shape from a piece of wood, paint it to complement or match the walls, and mount it on the wall.
  • Window frames, shutters, and closet doors found at flea markets, garage sales, or thrift stores can be painted—or left as is—and mounted to the wall.
  • A grouping of artwork above the bed can provide a headboard look.
  • Make your own padded headboard with some plywood, fabric, batting, and screws. (Instructions are available online.)

Wall paint and new bedding are two simple steps that can change the entire look of your master bedroom. And you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make a dramatic impact on the room’s look and style. 

Sweet dreams!

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