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The Best New Jeans

Aug 23, 2011 05:56PM ● By Erin Frisch

It's a Jeans Thing

An Old Favorite Is Evolving

This summer, your legs were set free. Liberated by any cover, you dug around your closet for your skirts, your most flattering shorts, and your summer dresses. As fall approaches, your legs crave the warmth and classic comfort of your blue jeans. But look around. Jean fashion is changing. Flipping the channel, you’ll notice the infomercial on this strange new phenomenon—pajama jeans. It isn’t about Levi’s anymore ladies, it’s about the skinny stretch.

Lynn Kochanek, owner of Rare Essentials in Hanover, discusses what it is that her customers are looking for: “The whole idea is that customers aren’t looking for a brand, they’re looking for comfort, quality, and fit.” Instead of confining your legs in a stiff, straight pair of jeans, consider Yoga Jeans by Second Denim Co. These jeans are close fitting and contain three percent lycra, giving you enough flexibility to do anything—yep, even yoga! Rare Essentials also carries David Kahn, Agave, Desigual, and Christopher Blue, to accent your specific style.

And it’s not just solid blue denim anymore—this fall, keep your eye out for fun skinny, stretch jeans available in an array of colors. As Danielle from Juliana’s says, “Leggings, jeggings, are in this season in a ton of different colors. Denim is taking a change for color—teals, burgundies, cinnamon for fall—where we are seeing sort of an ‘80s trend. Pair with an oversized silk blouse and a fun pair of boots.”

Hesitant about getting the right fit? Mia Vogt, owner of Bella in Hanover, offers her advice. “Bring the shoes or boots with you that you would be wearing with the jeans to get the whole look.  Don’t buy the jeans too big, they always loosen up a bit as you wear them.”

Jeans are definitely changing, and Lynn Kochanek comments on the amazing evolution: “The jeans business is changing. We have all these different materials—leather, suede. This is exciting because it’s new and fresh, texturally different.” So why not go a little wild this fall with some bold jeans that will not only flatter your figure but refresh your style?

Written by Emily Erickson

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