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Brendel & Fisher Wealth Management

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At Fisher Financial Advisors we recognize that it is a privilege to be asked to serve as your financial advisors. It is a commitment that we take seriously and dedicate all of our resources and experience to, in order to ensure you achieve your retirement vision. From the moment you walk into our office to the day your children inherit your wisdom, knowledge, and generosity, our hope is that we have helped you reach what at one time seemed an impossible dream.

How do we do this? Quite simply, we use a process that we have developed over decades. Your life—like ours—is a book full of fascinating chapters, from a very young age you developed a personality, interests, likes, and dislikes. You had visions both grand and small, your paths crossed with someone who became extremely important to you, and you embarked on a journey together.

This journey began on a small boat with limited resources. Over time this boat grew in size, and most likely the crew grew as well. At first you could only navigate small bodies of water, as your resources were limited, and perhaps your vision as well. Over time with your hard work, you and your partner grew the boat by adding storage, provisions, and a growing list of amazing experiences as you sailed through the ocean of life.

Oh yes, there were stormy days, gale force winds, and constant baling, but you prevailed and enjoyed at first only occasional spectacular sunsets, exhilarating sunrises, and refreshing southerly breezes, but then they became more common, and you were able to relax, work fewer hours, enjoy your growing crew and family.

A wise person once said that if you don’t know where you are going, any road will do. Our commitment to you is to help you—at whatever stage in life you are at—to envision where you are going, and develop a roadmap that will help you get there. We call this financial planning.