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Sarah Ackerman (Psychologist)

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Although I have experience treating a broad array of diagnostic categories, my approach is centered on treating the whole person. I look toward an understanding of the behaviors, thoughts, feelings, and ways of interacting that individuals repeat in spite of a wish to behave differently. My focus is on helping patients hear beyond what they know themselves to be saying, which, in my experience, allows individuals to feel more freedom and less angst in being in the world. I find that I am most helpful with people who want to know themselves better, or feel differently on a deep level. In 1999, I began seven years of post-doctoral training in psychoanalysis. Extensive, in-depth supervision of my clinical work taught me to hear a great deal in what people say, to help them hear and feel more about their experiences. I am an active participant in the conversation, whether in weekly psychotherapy or psychoanalysis. I teach and supervise psychiatry residents at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center. I run a faculty seminar on psychoanalysis at Dartmouth's Leslie Center for the Humanities. In 2014, I was appointed a Training and Supervising Analyst by the American Psychoanalytic Association, meaning I can serve as an analyst or supervisor for candidates in analytic training.