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Get Lost in an Adventure with These 5 Local Authors

Aug 27, 2021 01:55PM ● By Kaitlyn Malone
When reading the ideas, stories, and opinions of authors who live in the same area as you do, it's fun to see some inspiration from your surroundings in their writing or at least encourage affection for their work as you know they love your hometown too!

Here are 5 authors local to the New England Area.

Janet Evanovich

Janet Evanovich is a contemporary novelist who became well known for her series of mystery books. She is a bestselling author who has over two hundred million books in print worldwide. These mysteries are about a former lingerie buyer from New Jersey by the name of Stephanie Plum, who becomes a bounty hunter.

Philip Booth

Philip Booth is an American writer and poet. Booth has had his poetry published in the New Yorker and The American Poetry Review, among others. He has published 10 poetry collections, including “Pairs” and “Weathers and Edges.” He has won many awards for his work.

Joan Halifax

Halifax is an author, activist, and Buddhist teacher. She has written many books on Buddhism and spirituality. Her work is a reflection of her life in an effort to share, inspire, and build a more harmonious life and community.

Richard Eberhart

Eberhart has published about 20 books of poetry over his lifetime. During the 1930s, he became known for his modern style of poetry and romantic perspective. He won the Pulitzer Prize for his selected poems, 1930-1965.

Armstrong Sperry

Sperry was an American writer and illustrator of children’s literature. He wrote historical fiction and biographies about boys from Polynesia, Asia, and indigenous American Cultures. He won an award for his book, “Call It Courage.”

Head over to The Howe LibraryNorwich Bookstore, Still North Books & Bar, and Yankee Bookshop to find these great local authors.

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