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5 Local Beers To Try This Summer

Jun 02, 2021 02:45PM ● By Kaitlyn Malone
Drinking a cold beer on a hot day in summer is a true delight and a great way to enjoy time together with friends. It’s always fun to try new local beers and see what flavors they have in store.

Here are five beers to try this spring and summer.

1. Scrag Mountain Pils - Salt & Lime (4.8% ABV)

This craft beer is brought to you by Lawson’s Finest Liquids and is based on a traditional Czech Pilsner and infused with lime juice and sea salt that creates a crisp tart flavor.

2.  Grumpy Wench IPA (6.6% ABV)

This beer is made by the Foley Brothers craft brewery in Vermont, where they make exceptional IPAs. The Grumpy Wench IPA has a golden body and a sweet citrusy scent perfect for the summertime!

3. Fayston Maple with Chocolate Tart Cherry (10.1% ABV)

This is an excellent imperial stout to have as dessert. It tastes like dark fruit and chocolate! Brought to you by Lawson’s Finest and is one of their once-a-year limited release beers. It is brewed with lots of dark malts and Vermont Maple Syrup and then fermented with Montmorency tart cherry juice and cacao.

4. Orbital Elevator (8.3% ABV)

Made by the Burlington Beer Company, this beer is an imperial IPA that tastes tropical and has hoppy, fruity flavors with aromas of Mandarin oranges, key limes, bubblegum, and peaches.

5. Copper Ale (5.0 % ABV)

This iconic beer is a limited German-style beer made by the Otter Creek Brewing Company and was an influential part of the early craft beer scene. It has aromas of sweet caramel, floral scents, toasted malt, and citrus.

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