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Two New Restaurants Coming To Hanover

Apr 13, 2021 01:22PM ● By Tracey Hull
Spring is here, the flowers are blooming, and the bustle of downtown Hanover has returned. You may have thought life couldn’t get any sunnier, but hold onto your sun visors because Hanover is about to get a whole lot tastier (or at least offer more variety).

Two restaurants will be added to Hanover’s downtown repertoire. Both plan to provide outdoor seating, which is something only minimally offered in the past.

What’s more endearing is that both restaurants have their roots in Hanover’s restaurant history. Nigel Leemings opened Murphy’s on the Green since 1992 and Anthony Barnett became part of the Blue Sky Restaurant family in 2008.

Nigel Leemings, of Murphy’s on the Green is opening Impasto to bring an authentic Italian flair to the downtown area. The restaurant will offer roughly 100-indoor seats and an outdoor patio where Market Table used to reside. Leemings was interviewed earlier this year, where he described the food as “traditional Italian food with a culinary twist. He expressed that Impasto will be offering family-style meals-to-go as part of the main menu.

Does the name Anthony Barnett sound familiar? That’s because he and his wife, Erin Barnett, purchased Molly’s and Jesse’s back in early 2018. They also opened Snax in October 2020 in the Centerra Marketplace, which has two bars, side table games, and a fun atmosphere. It also offers small plates (hence the name Snax), which lends itself to a unique and special experience.

The Barnetts moved to the Upper Valley from Nebraska and St. Louis for Erin’s internship at Dartmouth. They have incorporated flavors of the Midwest in their current menus, but were missing a good-old sports bar & grill. Their son, Duncan, has a love of sports, and that’s how the new restaurant and bar, Dunks, got its name.

Anthony joined the Milowsky’s Blue Sky Restaurants in 2008, first as a kitchen manager at Molly’s, then general manager at Jesse’s, and finally as Director of Operations for Blue Sky before ultimately purchasing the restaurants.

The family’s quality values spill over into their work. “I just think we do a good job. We are good operators. We have a good philosophy that cares about and respects our staff and guests, and we have fresh and flavorful food”, responded Erin Barnett in an e-mail. “Plus, I love the downtown Hanover vibe, and I think others do, too.”  In addition to classic good food and drink recipes, they hope to bring fun, community, and good employment to the Upper Valley.  

Bon Appetite.

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