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Creating Beautiful Floral Centerpieces For Your Thanksgiving Table : Tips From Roberts Flowers Of Hanover

Nov 18, 2020 01:40PM ● By Kaitlyn Malone
A beautiful centerpiece in the middle of the Thanksgiving table brings intention to the festivities and meal and sets off the amazing food we eat together! Making your own centerpieces at home can be a great way to add a personal touch and contribute to the holiday ambiance. To get some ideas on how to create our own Thanksgiving centerpieces, we got in touch with Michael Reed, the owner of Roberts Flowers of Hanover.

Robert’s Flowers of Hanover is the longest, continually owned florist in the Upper Valley. They were named the ‘Best of the Best’ florist by the readers of the Valley Business Journal in 2015. At the center of downtown Hanover, Robert’s Flowers is the place to go for your plant and floral needs. Michael gave us some excellent tips on creating our own Thanksgiving centerpieces at home, and we are so happy to share them with you!

Q: What are your favorite materials to use when making a Thanksgiving centerpiece?

A: Favorite materials to use when making a Thanksgiving centerpiece would be anything one can find in their garden in November:  Corns, pine cones, grape vines, berries, dried grasses.  These elements are great starting points for the look of abundance a Thanksgiving centerpiece should convey. 

Q: How do we start?

A: Start with a low vessel, basket, porcelain or glass.  You'll want to see over the centerpiece at guests. If you have a collection of vessels, say Straffordshire ware or Nantucket baskets, it's the perfect time to use them! 

Q: What flowers should we use?

A: Do a bit of research into the 'language of flowers', gather different types that 'speak' of gratitude and thankfulness like liasianthus, dianthus and campanulas.  It will make a great conversation piece!

Q: What do you recommend for displaying the centerpiece at the table?

A: Placing several arrangements down the center of the table, mixing in candle sticks or votives,  can give a more cohesive 'look' than just one vase of flowers in the center.

Q: What is a more modern look for a Thanksgiving centerpiece?

A: A more modern look would be to utilize all one-type flower or color.  A mass of seasonal chrysanthemums or just a variety of flowers in all one hue would give the holiday table a pop.

Now that we have more ideas on creating some beautiful centerpieces for Thanksgiving this year, we can start to design the kind of arrangement that inspires us most and matches the other areas of our holiday decorating. Things to consider would be whether you want a larger centerpiece or a couple of smaller ones on your table. This could depend on your table's size and shape and how you like to have it set. What candles would be a good fit for the centerpieces this year? What colors do you want to use, and what kind of flowers speak to you? You can buy your flowers from Robert's Flowers to take home and arrange yourself along with pine cones or berries you find in your backyard or on a nature walk!

Of course, if you don’t have time this year, you can always order a ready made centerpiece from Robert’s Flowers as well. It’s still good to support our local stores; however, we can. But remember to call ahead, so they have time to prepare. Check out their website here for more information.

Taking the time to create your own Thanksgiving centerpiece is a beautiful gift to share with your loved ones this year if you are able! Happy Thanksgiving!

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