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5 Things to Consider Before Rescuing an Animal This Holiday Season

Nov 03, 2020 01:28PM ● By Melanie Heisinger
Is that puppy or kitten you see the best choice for your family? As the weather starts to get colder, and COVID-19 restrictions still loom, it can be tempting to adopt a furry friend to keep you company. However, this is a very important decision that shouldn't be taken lightly. Before you take the leap and adopt, here are 5 things to consider. 

1. Are you financially able to take care of a pet? 

Let's face it, animals can get expensive. On top of the adoption fees, there are vet visits, shots, food, flea medications, and more. Also, any kind of emergency can happen where your new furry friend will need to be taken to the hospital. Are you ready to pay the fees that can get up into the thousands? 

Make sure that this is taken into account before you adopt. Do the math and look at your monthly budget. The ASPCA put together this quick guide on ways to cut costs when it comes to animal care, without sacrificing their health that's worth taking a look! 

2. Is your space large enough for a new pet? 

Look at your home. Is there room for a litter box and a scratching post if you're adopting a cat? What about space for your new dog to roam about? A yard for them would be even better! 

Make sure that your space is large enough to accommodate you and your new pet. 

3. Who will look after them when you travel (whenever that might be)? 

This is especially important to consider if you travel for work a lot. Right now, most people are still working from home, so it seems like it wouldn't be a problem. However, when things begin opening up again, remember what your schedule used to look like. Do you travel often? If so, do you know someone that can take care of your pet? Or are you able to take them with you?

Places like Lebanon's The Dog House can board your dog, if that is a viable option for you. Make sure that you are aware of your schedule and what it would take to ensure your pet is taken care of and happy when you travel. 

4. Will your pet get along with others? 

If you are only looking to adopt one pet, and only one, for the foreseeable future, this isn't an issue. However, if you already have pets, it is important to make sure that not only the new pet will get along with others, but that your current pets will, too. It can add a lot of stress to them (and you!) when adding a new member to the family. So, make sure that it's the right choice for everyone. 

It's also important to consider this if you plan on adopting more pets in the near future. If you end up with a pet that doesn't get along with others, but you want to adopt more animals, you are putting yourself in a pickle. Look at all of your options and weigh them all before choosing your pet. 

5. Where will you adopt your pet? 

This is especially important to consider! Now that you've found that your finances are in order, you know how you'll care for them when you travel, and everything else that goes along with caring for an animal, you need to find the perfect place to adopt. 

Look up local shelters like the Upper Valley Humane Society in Enfield to find your new furry friend. Or maybe there is a local kill shelter that you can visit and adopt from. 

Whatever you decide, adding a new member to your family is an exciting time. So, take your time and have fun!

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