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Make a Scarecrow: Try A Fall Activity That’s Fun For All Ages

Complete your fall decorating theme by adding a friendly scarecrow to your lawn or front porch. Michelle Shane of Cedar Circle Farm & Education Center shares simple instructions here for constructing your new fall friend.

Making a scarecrow out of an old pair of jeans and a flannel shirt can be a great activity for the kids. One to two bales of hay should do the trick.

Use twine to tie the ends of the arms, legs, the bottom of the shirt, and the top of the pants and stuff with hay.

For the head, a plain t-shirt or pillowcase can be stuffed and rounded and secured to a stick. After adding a face insert the stick into the neck of the stuffed shirt and top off with an old straw hat.

The shirt and pants can also be supported by a stick or simply stacked upon each other if the scarecrow will be sitting on your porch. Have fun, and don’t forget to take some photos to share!

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