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Vermont-based King Arthur Flour is now King Arthur Baking Company

Sep 01, 2020 11:32AM ● By Virginia Dean
A small change to let customers know the Vermont-based King Arthur Flour is now King Arthur Baking Company because this country's oldest flour company is less about grains than a community centered on baking, according to King Arthur officials.

The new logo, which features a stylized wheat crown as well as the new company name with a modern font, celebrates the brand's commitment to baking. The old logo depicted a white knight on horseback, carrying a flag with a St. George's cross, an old English symbol often associated with the Crusades. This is more in line with many brands of late reevaluating their names, logos, and imagery.

"Our brand is not about King Arthur riding a horse, and so we like the idea of how any baker can wear a crown and how that feels more inclusive," said Bill Tine, vice president of marketing for King Arthur Baking Company.

Both the name and logo changes can be found on the company's website. Rebranded packaging should appear in grocery stores this fall. King Arthur Baking Company's products include unbleached flours from grains grown in America, baking mixes, and single-serve dessert cups.
"We set out to design a logo that's equal parts premium, authentic, and joyful to reflect the essence of the brand and strengthen the emotional connection bakers have with us," said Ruth Perkins, Senior Creative Director at King Arthur Baking Company.

Its product's quality is reflected in its sales that increased 2,000 percent in March as people who were quarantined at home due to COVID-19 turned to baking to pass the time. The King Arthur Baking Company has a strong online presence, with a website offering thousands of free recipes as well as tips for beginners and advanced bakers; Two new baking shows on its website and on YouTube have been launched recently.

According to co-CEO Karen Colberg, the King Arthur Baking Company rebranding is the product of a rigorous 18-month brand research and creative strategy process centered on the company's commitment to sharing the love and joy of baking.

"King Arthur has always been a baking company at heart," Colberg said. "The rebrand affirms our belief in the power of baking and our commitment to inspiring bakers through every single touchpoint, including our teaching and our products. Our mission is rooted in building stronger communities, fostering the connections that come from baking and sharing. The new positioning as a baking company will enable us to continue to grow and welcome all bakers, from passionate lifelong bakers to beginners."

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