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New Hampshire the Top State for Opportunity, According to U.S. News and World Report

Mar 03, 2020 11:23AM ● By Sue Baldani
New Hampshire is often recognized as the best state for a variety of reasons. In 2019, it was number four in USA Today’s list of 10 best small towns for adventure; in 2020, it was named the third best state for retirement by WalletHub. Now, it’s been called the top state for opportunity, according to U.S. News and World Report.

This determination was made by ranking three criteria: economic opportunity, equality, and affordability. In terms of economic opportunity, it came in at number 2; for equality, it also came in at 2, while for affordability it came in at 26.

Each one of these three criteria has to be taken into account to determine the level of opportunity in a particular state. Not only is it important to have economic opportunities as far as the number of jobs available, but to also make sure those advertising these jobs are using fair and equal hiring practices. Equality is the fair treatment of people regardless of their gender, race, disability, religion, nationality, sexual orientation or age, and by law, employers have to follow these guidelines. New Hampshire scores extremely high in both of these aspects. There are plenty of jobs to be had, and people from all walks of life are able to obtain them.

Affordability comes into play since, in order to take advantage of a state’s great opportunities, people have to be able to afford to live there. For many families, paying rent or a mortgage can use up a majority of their earnings. Here, New Hampshire comes in at 26, which makes the cost of living reasonable.

Five of the 10 states ranked as those having the best opportunities also rank among the top 10 best states overall. New Hampshire, although one of the smallest states at 9,249 square miles, and with a population of 1,342,795, is often ranked high in a number of areas including healthcare, education, infrastructure, and economy. It’s also a highly educated state, with 27% of its population being college-educated, with a medium income of $38,237. (Figures obtained from U.S. News and World Report.)

Whether you’re a student just coming out of school, someone who is looking to move into a new profession, or a person at the end of his or her career path, New Hampshire is a state that can give you the opportunities you’re looking for.  And since it’s also been named the best for adventure, when you’re not working, there are plenty of ways to spend your time off.

To see how New Hampshire compares to the other states ranked high in opportunity, go to

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