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Buying Flowers for Valentine’s Day? Read This First!

Feb 08, 2018 05:19PM ● By Linda Ditch
Flowers represent one of the gifts most often given on Valentine’s Day. Do you automatically grab a bunch of red roses at the supermarket? Maybe you’re not sure which flowers to choose. And how do you keep those flowers looking and smelling fresh for as long as possible? Are there other options besides cut flowers?

Michael Reed, owner of Roberts Flowers of Hanover, answered a few questions about buying flowers for Valentine’s Day:

Q: Is this your busiest time of year?

A: This is certainly one of the busiest times of the year in a floral shop, with Mother’s Day a close second.

Q: Are red roses the most common flower of choice?
A: The most requested rose color is red, although we stock about seven other colors that are just as beautiful and appropriate for the holiday of love.

Q: What should someone consider when buying cut flowers?

A: When buying a selection of cut flowers for someone, it’s probably best to know what flowers or colors they like or don’t like. Many people actually don’t like roses. In that case, a selection of red tulips and white hydrangeas might be nice. Also, think about the season. The beautiful early summer peony is available now, but it’s pricey because it’s imported from Holland. But bunches of tulips and hyacinths are in season now, and they’re very affordable.

Q: How can the recipient keep the flowers as fresh as possible at home?

A: To keep a floral gift as fresh as possible after delivery, keep it away from a draft or heat source. Replenish with fresh water every day to counteract the development of bacteria, which hastens the decay of flowers. Some flowers, like hydrangea, may need a quick recut if they appear to be a bit limp after a day or two.

Q: Are there other options besides cut flowers?

A: There are many selections besides cut flowers for the holiday. Blooming plants, orchids, and succulents make great Valentine gifts that will continue to live long after a bouquet of flowers has expired. Even a cactus would make a great gift idea for someone with a sharp sense of humor!

Q: Anything else you’d like to add?

A: Always remember to use your local florist when purchasing flowers for delivery. There are several deceptive online sources—known by the industry term “order gatherers”—that appear to be local florists but are really warehouses full of people taking phone orders somewhere other than the local town they claim to make deliveries to. Hardworking neighborhood florists receive calls daily from consumers stating that they’re on the florist’s website, and when they begin to describe options they’re looking at, it’s very clear that they are actually on one of these order gatherers’ sites. Getting to know and trust your hometown florist is the best was to overcome this deception.

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