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Time to Pack up the Holidays: Storage Tips

Jan 04, 2018 11:42AM ● By Linda Ditch
Putting away the holiday decorations can feel like a let down after weeks of celebrating. However, if you take the time to get organized now, it will make decorating much easier next year.

One way to make un-decorating more enjoyable is to turn it into a fun family event. The more helpers you have, the easier the chore. Pop popcorn, make cocoa, put on cheery music, or watch a favorite movie while taking down the decorations.

A good way to get organized is by categorizing items as you pack, either by putting like items together or by storing them according to the area they decorate. For example, pack all the outdoor decorations together, and in other boxes group together decorations for the mantel and Christmas villages.

Storage Bins

But before you start, invest in good storage containers. Plastic containers work best for protecting your collection, and they stack more easily. There are various commercial storage container systems on the market; many are reasonably priced and will do the job for years to come. Hanover True Value is a good place to look for containers of all sizes.

Another good idea is to have an “open first” box, containing decorations such as an advent wreath or holiday countdown calendar that often come out first. For easy holiday light storage, wrap each strand around a piece of cardboard or a large can. Tape the replacement lights that come with each strand to the holder, and label the lights to show where they go, such as the tree, house eaves, mantel, etc.

Wrap Fragile items

Wrap fragile items and ornaments in tissue paper and store in food storage bags. The air in the bag can act as extra cushioning to prevent breakage. (Do not use newspaper for wrapping, as it can leave ink on cherished items.) Alternatively, store the ornaments in their original packaging.

Lable Boxes

Don’t forget to label the boxes, either with a label maker, permanent marker, or an envelope or index card taped securely to each one. You might make a list of the items in each box on a piece of paper, and then tuck it inside an enveloped taped on the outside of the box, which is labeled with where the decorations are usually displayed, such as “Christmas Ornaments for Family Room.” Then next year, you will know exactly what’s inside each box before you open it.

Assign a Spot

Finally, create a storage zone in your home for all the holiday décor to be stacked together. And don’t be afraid to downsize your collection. If the number of holiday decoration containers is becoming overwhelming, set limits for yourself. Determine how many boxes of decorations you have space for, and then sort and purge until you have your favorite holiday memories packed away in a manageable number of containers.

Head on over to Hanover True Value Hardware to get everything you need to pack up your holiday so that next year it's a breeze to find.

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