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Chile: A Few DIY Skiing & Traveling Tips

Sep 05, 2017 07:42PM ● By Melanie Heisinger

Looking to travel to Chile? Here are a few Do-It-Yourself travel tips for you to consider! 




  • The ski season in Chile runs from mid-June 23 to late September. Reserve early (March), as many ski teams like to train there in September and on-site lodging is a must, but limited.
  • From Hanover, the most efficient way to fly is from Boston to Santiago with one stop in Atlanta, about 20 hours total travel time.
  • Chile does not allow visitors to bring food items into the country, even processed, sealed items like granola bars. Numerous dogs patrol the arrival baggage claim area sniffing every bag that gets off-loaded.
  • Pick up snacks, beverages and an inexpensive electric teapot in Santiago before the drive to Valle Nevado. Coffeemakers are not standard in hotel rooms, and restaurants have limited hours. Dinner is always served after 7:00pm.
  • Don’t forget the sunscreen and sunglasses. You’re above tree line, and the sun is strong!
  • No need to change a lot of US dollars to Chilean pesos. Brings lots of small bills (ones, fives, tens). Everyone expects a tip and welcomes US dollars.


What are your go-to travel tips? Let us know in the comments!  

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