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Happy Guests of the Maynard House Weigh In

Nov 15, 2016 03:59PM ● By Melanie Heisinger

Maynard House: A Magical Home Away from Home

By Nancy Fontaine
Photos by CPerry Photography


Below are more letters from guests who have stayed at Maynard House.

Transitioning from the chair in my son’s hospital room to a warm bed and cozy surroundings here made a big difference in my week here! I was able to focus on my son all day and evening, then get a good night’s rest. His transition from 8 days in the hospital to 5 days in Dick’s House on campus & finally settling into a new dorm room while he recovers gives me peace going home while he finished out the term, without the financial burden of a high hotel bill. Thanks for offering this to your guest community -- what a wonderful show of hospitality and caring to those of us caring for our loved ones. I will remember UV Hostel & appreciated the kindness of the staff, the donors, the volunteers, and Hanover. Blessing to all who touch this home!

---Kathy J., Tulsa, OK

P.S. Tonight I cooked him mac & cheese & green beans from the UVH kitchen - comfort food - before I leave Monday! :-)  



Thank you so much for offering me a safe, quiet, welcoming place to stay while I attended an appointment at Dartmouth-Hitchcock. I traveled from Albany, NY, and would not have been able to do so if this was not offered. I could not afford a $70 per night hotel fee. I experienced nothing but warm, friendly hospitality from the moment I arrived. Myself and another guest went to dinner at Molly’s as recommended by staff, and it took our minds off the exhausting & stressful day. Not only was this an affordable option, it was the BEST option. My stay here alleviated fears and reduced stress. The people who volunteer their time here are truly angels. I would like to sincerely thank you for offering this warm & welcoming place to stay away from home. I look forward to staying here for future appointments at Dartmouth!

     Thank you so very much for offering such an invaluable resource to patients and their families!

---Amy W., Albany, NY



Thank you very much. We came from Alaska and had no idea where we would stay. I am grateful for such caring people. I was able to see my Dad, which meant the world to me and my husband and my mom. Having a place like this has been a true blessing.


Jeffrey & Tonia Jean J. and Virginia S.



August 15, 2014

     Two years ago, on this date, I arrived here at the U.V. Hostel; I was in so much pain I could not drive or take care of myself. I was alone. The staff here became my temporary family and my cheerleaders. I am so grateful to them for all the support they gave me during the three weeks of my stay. I was able to gain a little bit of mobility and independence before I went back home. (I wish I could have stayed here longer, but I had obligations to keep.) This Hostel made all the difference during that time - after two major surgeries and on my own, it made a priceless difference. And that is also wonderful, that the help was priceless but did not put me in financial hardship. It was scary to be so helpless. The staff and volunteers got me through. Thank God for this place!

---Laurie H. 



There are no words to express my wonderful experience here at the Upper Valley Hostel. My husband was flown in by DART from Orleans, VT. This place was a place of comfort & relaxation from all that was going on as he recovered from open heart surgery. The volunteers were very warm & inviting. The rooms were all warmly decorated! Thanks so much. This is truly a place that many should come in time of need.




Thank you! The staff and the volunteers are wonderful!! This was such a great experience, met so many interesting people and made some new friends along the way. Keep up the great work you do here. You made it possible for me to go to the “FRP” and I am graduating this afternoon. Just asking “how my day was” went a long way. So for that...thank you!

Best wishes to everyone, 

Mitchell P.



You were such an answer to a prayer for me! If I wasn’t able to stay here while I did the FRP program, I would not be going back to work and a new life! Thank you for all your kind words of encouragement. May God bless you and all who stay here!

---Kristen D.



My wife has muscular dystrophy. Ehe has been in the ICU for a month. I needed a break like this. Thank you, 

---Mark A., Somersworth, NH 



It is because of places like this that family can remain together and yet be far away from home - my father at the VA hospital & I (staying here). Thank you much

 --CT. Girl!


NOTE: Maynard House is a place where people stay attending the three-week Functional Restoration Program for those with intractable back pain. 

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