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Chef Daniel Caple of Coventry Catering Shares His Favorite Holiday Appetizer

Nov 15, 2016 05:32PM ● By Melanie Heisinger

The holidays are always a great time to gather friends and family, yet getting everyone to the table for a meal can be challenging. Chef Daniel Caple of Coventry Catering suggests serving appetizers. “Think of them as small bites of flavor that you can adjust to your guests’ likes and dislikes, dietary needs, and allergies,” says Daniel. “Appetizers can be a great way to encourage mingling if you spread them throughout the entertainment space, and they can also be presented in a way that can serve as a decoration. Lastly, the variety that you can achieve with appetizers will greatly improve your guests’ satisfaction.”

Planning a complete menu of appetizers can be quite challenging, however. “This is where Coventry Catering comes in,” Daniel says. “If you want a gourmet spread but you are not in the position to execute it all and still enjoy your company, let us fill in the gaps for you. We will set up and arrange all of the food items just in time for your guests to arrive, leaving you with the peace of mind that we will cater to your guests, and you will be able to relax and be a part of the event. It is our desire to make you look good and relieve you of the work of having company.”


Caprese Tree

From Chef Daniel Caple of Coventry Catering

Cut a flat bottom on an eggplant so that it will stand. Taper the sides so that it has a Christmas tree shape.

Make skewers of mozzarella balls, basil leaves, and grape tomatoes, about 50 to 75 pieces, depending on the size of the eggplant, and stick into the “tree.”

Stand back and watch your guests enjoy!


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