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Here in Hanover 2016 Health Guide: Fitness, Nutriton, Relaxation & More

Aug 30, 2016 04:09PM ● By Erin Frisch
With summer winding down and school beginning again we all want to keep our minds and body sharp as the year continues on. Whether you are the group activity person, the yoga type or even the mediation type, there are many forms of staying healthy. Take a look at our 2016 Health Guide to help you find new and creative ways to keep your mind, body and spirit in good graces.

Mighty Yoga in Hanover & Lebanon

Mighty Yoga is offering all new beginners 30 days for $30.00. Mighty Yoga has many different classes to sample, such as Mighty Flow, Mighty Barre, PiYo Strength, Rockin’ Flow, Power Hour, Mighty Reboot, Slow Flow, Flow & Restore, Yin Yoga, Mighty Community, Intro to Ashtanga Yoga, Candlelit Flow, and Mighty Play.

Their super-awesome introductory offer lets you take advantage of 30 DAYS of UNLIMITED YOGA for only $30. This month of unlimited classes offers opportunities to take classes with various teachers and in different styles. Remember that yoga, like any new endeavor, takes some time before it comes easily. For those new to yoga, plan on taking three to five classes to get an idea of the poses and allow you to shift out of your head and get more in tune with your body.


If you’d like to take a different approach to fitness and stay outside, you can rent canoes and kayaks and standup paddleboards at Ledyard Canoe and Kayak Rental stations. Enjoy a long morning or afternoon paddle down the picturesque Connecticut River. For more information, click here.


The Center for Integrative Health offers a holistic healing approach for the mind and body and offers psychotherapy, massage therapy, yoga, therapeutic movement, hypnosis, and energy work. Classes for yoga run weekly but other practices require an appointment. For additional information about the Center for Integrative Health and its offerings, click here.


CrossFit at The River Valley Club (RVC)

With over 7,000 affiliated gyms, CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program. At CrossFit RVC, their affiliate programs are based on the CrossFit methodology: constant, varied functional movements at high intensities. The focus is on proper technique, with each fitness task keeping you motivated and injury-free in a fun group-training environment.

The equipment used varies from infinity rig, rope climb setup, bikes, PiYo boxes, concept rowers, bars and bumper plates, Olympic lifting platforms and more. If you’re looking for an intense group activity, CrossFit will meet your needs. Click here for more details.  

A juice bar located in the River Valley Club (RVC) has a full menu of all natural, whole-food shakes and smoothies to aid your performance or help you recover from your workout of choice. Pura Vida products are free of any artificial ingredients, synthetic sweeteners, and trans fats. Refuel & Recover shakes at 20 ounces have between 350 and 470 calories. The Veggie Shakes are refreshing and detoxifying. They’re also 20 ounces and run between 290 and 330 calories. Pura Vida also has a café menu that includes Matcha Green Tea, Almond Mocha, Chocolate Chai and more. Pura Vida is open Monday–Friday 7:30am–7pm and Saturday 8:30am–1pm.

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