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Long River Gallery & Gifts Celebrates Its 25th Year of Serving Artists and The Arts Community Across The Upper Valley!

Mar 17, 2016 04:16PM ● By Kirsten Gehlbach
Throughout 2016, Long River Gallery & Gifts will celebrate a quarter of a century serving artists and the arts community throughout the Upper Valley. Dave and Lisa Celone purchased Long River Studio two years ago. They recognize that the community and local artists have made this vibrant gallery possible and have kept it growing steadily.

“When you make a choice to seek out locally made art, craft, gifts, jewelry, furniture, books and other items, everyone in this area’s boat rises a bit higher,” says Dave. “We can all feel good each time we buy a piece of art made here, so close to home, knowing the person who made it will benefit as will our community.

“Your interest in keeping Long River one of your top three “go-to” places to visit, shop, and bring friends will make a tremendous difference in our ability to continue to do what we’ve been doing for the past 24 years—representing the artists and artisan craftspeople who live here and make a difference here in the Upper Valley,” adds Dave.

Long River Studios opened in 1991 as a cooperative, offering space to a varied group of artists and crafters. The name “Long River” was chosen for its great watery neighbor, the Connecticut River, which means “beside the long tidal river” in Algonquin, explains Dave. When Dave and Lisa bought Long River Studios, they changed part of the name, Studios, to Gallery & Gifts to represent the broad range of arts and crafts that are as eclectic as possible and in a wide price range.

“[The word] Studios may have given the impression that this was for artists to come and paint. Yes, there are paintings on display and demonstrations by artists, but there is so much more,” explains Dave.

He listed some of the variety in the gallery including children’s books and toys, wooden bowls, braided rugs, sculpture, jewelry, scarves, and pottery. In addition to touring through the gallery, children enjoy a special nook where they can color, play, and read. The outdoor patio is open, weather permitting, to gather and talk about art and community.

If you hear the word “gallery” and think “expensive,” think again. At Long River Gallery & Gifts, a child can buy locally made earrings for mom, a print for dad, or a toy or book for a friend’s birthday present, with options under $10. Adults can view the variety of paintings, artwork, and crafts offered to fit every budget. Buying through the local supply chain keeps costs down, so local art can be purchased at a fraction of the cost of buying art elsewhere. The cost of shipping items to and from the gallery is eliminated (though artwork can be shipped from the framer). More importantly, buying local at Long River directly supports over 150 local artists and the local community.

Dave and Lisa actively search for new and different artists. “We live in a world-class artist community right here in the surrounding area. We are excited to showcase artists who tour their art around the world and exhibit locally in Lyme.” Dave and Lisa Celone operate Long River Gallery & Gifts with the help of many artists, crafters, and volunteer shop sitters who enable the gallery to thrive.

To view works by several of the artists at Long River, click here.

Upcoming Events and Exhibitions

On exhibit Thursday, March 10 from 5:30 to 7:30pm, through May 1:

New works in ink and color by Kathy Swift of Lyme, New Hampshire. Fifteen images from the beautiful to the mysterious are grounded in Japanese traditions of sumi-e (brush painting), suminagashi (marbling), and tarashikomi (dripping wet in wet).

Saturday April 9 and Sunday April 10, 10am to 5pm

Spring NH Open Doors Weekend with many new works by local artists and artisans available for you to enjoy. On Saturday, North Hero, Vermont, artist Artist Susan Rosendahl will be at the gallery to sign books and paint chickens. She will display prints, artist cards, and coloring books for children and adults, including Chickens! Illustrated Chicken Breeds A to Z.

On Saturday and Sunday, Anna Hranovska of North Hartland, Vermont, will display her pottery and ceramics. Originally from Ukraine, Anna carves intricate designs in layers with hidden compartments to explore.

Opening Thursday, May 5, 5:30 to 7:30pm, and on display through the month:

Liliana Paradiso of Woodstock, Vermont, displays her oil on canvas paintings. A world-class, awarding-winning artist, she enjoys sharing her work in Lyme and other local galleries.

July 6, The Art of SKIN

Artists Stephanie Reininger of Lyme, New Hampshire, Liliana Paradiso of Woodstock, Vermont, and tattoo artist Meredith Martin of Moretown, Vermont, display their works and encourage conversations about body art. Meredith will display tattoos on a mannequin. Those with body art on their arms and legs are invited to show off the art of their SKIN and join the conversation.

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