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More Holiday Wishes from the Community

Dec 23, 2014 02:49PM ● By Ryan Frisch

From our family to yours we wish everyone a very happy and safe holiday season and pass along these good thoughts, wishes and tidings from the community!

Happy Holidays

Alice Whitney says “to all my grandkids”

Stephanie W says “Happy holidays to my husband and our adorable dog Winston.  Love you.”

Katherine Lamson says “Everyone!!!”

Cheryl Ulz says “my husband Andy!  Wish me luck!  This would be the best present ever!”

Robin Lamson says “Wishing you a wonderful Christmas , Amy!”

Michelle Green says “happy holidays vermont!”

Laurie Maxham says “Sheila Avila sister my friend”

Samantha Wilson says “Happy holidays to my Mom and Dad ...Pam Alflen and Ronald Villeneuve”

Paula Tobin says “Rich Tobin for without him in my corner I wouldn't be as fortunate as I am.”

Sue Poulin says “to all those that service our counrty and communities in the military, police, and first responders .”

Sandra Filiault says “Gregory Tuthill! He is always there to help others no matter time or cost committment!”

Madeline Goodell says “Michele Demar Merry Christmas n Happy New Year”

Denise Biathrow says “Marjon Licks”

Jean Blish says “melissa renault,merry christmas”

Barbara Balch says “Kingland Farms......let your light shine!”

Garnet Pero says “Happy holidays to the Pedro family”

Bonnie Jones says “All of my friends”

Chris Gould says “Happy Holidays to the awesome staff @ Sugarbush Florist”

Ronald Flood says “Ashley blanchard”

Wanita Webb says “Happy Holidays to friends near and far, be well, be happy!”

Tara Booth says “We want to wish all the laValley employees a Merry Christmas.”

George Livingston says “Merry Christmas mom (lori Livingston)”

Karen Murphy says “Merry Christmas and Happy New year to all!!”

Michelle Green says “merry christmas levi!”

Virginia Ballou says “Happy Holiday to all the service men and women out there, be safe and thank you for serving.”

Corie Barrows says “Happy holidays to my family”

Sarah Bragg-Donovan says “Happy Holidays to the men and women who serve this country.”

Kimberly George says “Happy holidays to my mother nathalie, whose name means christmas child, And my mom that is blessed at the age of 88.”


Stephanie Dumais says “Happy holidays to my sisters you are my rocks”

Sheila Morse says “Stacey Smith”

Lauren Salvatore says “Barbara Bohrer”

Donna Townsend says “N/A”


Cheryl Sprang says “I'd like to wish the entire Upper Valley a Merry Christmas.”

Bethany Hill says “Merry Christmas Abbey & Conner:-)”

Andrew Eaton says “Happy Holidays to my love, Katie D.!”

Bridget Cushman says “Merry Christmas mom.”

Rhonda Callum-King says “merry christmas Andy”

Robert Benjamin Jr says “Happy holidays to the benjamin family”

Sandra Filiault says “I wish everyone a season of health and happiness! Do unto others as you wish others to do unto you. Buy an extra can of hearty soup for a local food shelf. Volunteer at a nursing home etc.”

Connie White says “Friends and Family”

Whitney Zweeres says “stacey Derek smith”

Brian Bevacqua says “Brendan Comiskey, Hope you have a very HAPPY Holiday!”

Kim Gogan says “Chris Gogan, Owner Black Dog Construction”

Deborah Goodwin says “GENEVA AND TAMMY and WENDY!! (and fam) Have a wonderful Christmas!!!”

Sara Tuthill says “I would like to wish a heart- felt " Happy Holidays" to all the Emergency workers who work throughout Christmas and New Years, keeping everyone safe.”

Virginia Macomber says “Happy holidays to all!!!”

Laura Paquette says “Mike and Lyndi Nelson, Cathy Paradis, Reginald and Dottie Bragg”

Jennifer Ferland says “Merry to Christmas to the best husband ever, chuck Ferland!! I love you xoxox”

Dawn Decoff says “Happy Holidays to all! May the spirit of Christmas stay with you throughout the upcoming yeat!”

Kileen Mccooey says “Jess Matt and maple”

Heather Stavrou says “Merry Christmas to the special elves who helped give my family a special Christmas 3 years ago. These special people made sure we had everything from a tree to a meal to gifts for the kids. in one of my darkest hours these amazing people brought the light”

Michelle Green says “Happy first christmas, ida Joy”

Sandra Filiault says “I would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday and to remember what these holidays are about! It is not the material things that matter. It is about health and happiness, being kind and thinking of those who may need alittle company and an extra h”

Pam Dexter says “Amy dexter”

Lisa Fellows says “AaronFellows”

Lisa Harris says “Brian Bates”

Vanessa Williams says “All tne neighbors at 15 Depot St in Canaan, NH. Hope you have a safe and Merry Christmas”

Sally Avery says “To my lovely daughters and families”

Alice Fedelski says “Riverside Rotary.  Merry Christmas to everyone.  Best wishes for your activities in 2015!”

Ann Pushee says “Jake and Sal well make this the best Christmas ever our LOVE is the best present we can give.”

Crystal Kalacinski says “Andy happy holidays”

Megan Oxland says “Merry Christmas to all of my friends & family! Remember it's about time with family & friends  teach the spirit &importance of this holiday!”

Lauren Lacasse says “Sheila Fifield - Merry Christmas!”

Scott Coleman says “Merry Christmas Dad and Dary”

Melissa Frary says “Joyce Leach”

Charity Salls says “Merry Christmas to all my family!”

Joyce Leach says “Wishing my family in valpo in merry christmas”

Susan Borchert says “jim borchert - I love you”

Jean Blish says “melissa renault”

Elizabeth White says “Wishing my friends and family a Merry Holiday season :-).  Beth W”

Kelley Lucas says “Carl & shirley ryea”

Tammy Robbins says “Mary Lemay ,Robyn robbins Wish them a merry Christmas sending my love to them!”

Sherry Demers says “Happy Holiday to my awesome grandson Devin Woodward, I love you, Mime'”

Stephanie Waterman says “Happy Holidays to all my colleagues at Cioffredi & Associates! I couldn't think of better people to spend so much time with. =)”

Janice Mcguire says “no thank you”

Laura Paquette says “Mike and Lyndi Nelson, Reginald and Dottie Bragg”

Becky Mcallister says “Katie Lord”

Madeline Goodell says “Merry Christmas & a very Happy New Year to everyone. A huge shout out to Sheila Varnesse for all of her amazing kitchen designs and knowledge”

Katie Lord says “Becky McAllister happy holidays to the best mom in the world!!”

Cheslee Morrison says “Happy Holidays Samamtha Potter! Love ya! xoxox Ches”

Peter Hanson says “LaValley Employees! Happy Holidays”

Dan Peterson says “Happy Holidays to all!”

Robin Rockwood says “Happy Holidays to our family in NH and OH!”

Lisa Martin says “Ann Hook”

Sandra Filiault says “I would really like to wish everyone, family, friends, neighbors, everywhere a wonderful, happy and healthy holiday.”

Kimberly Tassone says “I want to wish ALL of my Facebook family/friends a very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year!”

Jillian Bublat says “Happy holidays to my mom, amy aldrich i love you.”

Bonnie Bidorini says “Rick bidorini”

Terri Sliker says “I would like to wish a Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year to the TROOPS. Thank you for your sacrifices. Thank your families.”

Donna Grant says “Gayle Porter.Wishing you and yours Happieness.”

Kathryn Hanson says “Merry Christmas Chase 😘”

Christine Fields says “Happy Holidays Sue.”

Tonya Harrington says “Korie Cushion”

Karen Cushion says “Sean cushion”

Debra Spackman says “Happy Holidays Samantha Spaulding!”

Kim Hartell says “happy holidays to all my friends and family.”

Lorraine Goewey says “Happy birthday Paul and Shelley LaCasse!”

Laura Gordon says “Peter and Jane, Love you both so much! Thank you for your support and happy holidays!! Love, Laura”

Margo Lahaye says “Wishing everyone a joyous Christmas and all wonderful things in the New Year.”

Karen Brock says “Bonnie Pettit - Happy Holidays”

Mathew Zweeres says “Rita Broughall”

Laurie Henry says “Happy Holidays to all our (hubby's too) friends in the Upper  Valley!”

Sandra Filiault says “Would Love to wish my many family and friends for their kindness and support throughout the year!”

Frances Piche says “Scott vachon”

Catherine Rentz says “All of my children spread around the USA, I love all three of you and am so proud of you!”

Robin Potwin says “world!  Happy holidays, peace and God Bless!”

Christian'S Busby says “Jeanne Harlow, wishing the best Mom a very merry Christmas!”

Amy Smith says “Happy holidays to the road crews and utility workers who have been working so hard this wintry week!”

Trisha Gaudreault says “Happy Holidays Heather!!”

Madeline Goodell says “Merry Christmas & a very Happy New Year to everyone at LaValley Building & on FB”

Maryann Heath says “MERRY Christmas to everyone.”

Jen Grant says “My Nana in Heaven she loved the holidays and I miss spending them with her.”

Amanda Milo says “grace anne”

Sheri Gauvin says “gary gauvin”

Vickie Plante says “Happy Holiday's to all my family and friends!”

Virginia Ballou says “Happy Holidays to everyone.”

Wanita Webb says “Happy Holidays, to ones we love near and far.”

Michelle Diamond says “Heather Varney    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!”

Cary Hollingsworth says “Merry Christmas to my family - Charlotte, Corinne and Courtney”

Christine Hutchins says “Hannah Williams and hers on Ethan, I could not ask for a better friend then you!”

Susan Borchert says “verna svensen”

Donna Townsend says “No thanks”

Danielle Monteith says “Farrah Tetreault”

Nancy Marx says “happy Holidays to my family's and friends!”

Belinda Hathorn says “happy holidays to my wonderful family!”

Sandra Filiauilt says “To all my family and friends near and far, a wish for a wonderful holiday season.”

Bill Finn says “All of my friends and family”

Susan Plummer says “christopher Hamilton, I can't wait for you to come home for Christmas. Merry Christmas!”

Amy Smith says “road crews and utility workers!”

Jamie Pero says “Happy Holidays to everyone!!”

Michelle Green says “Happy to share these holidays with you Gilbert!”

Laura Paquette says “Mike and Lyndi Nelson, Doug and Julie Miller, Richard and Stella Gammon”

Lise Davini says “Sarah Governo”

Christine Fields says “Curt”

Heather Morse says “All of my friends and family”

Kimberly Thornton says “My whole family”

Sharon Lowe says “Karnen Littfield”

Sandra Dionne says “This is the first of many Christmases to come.I love you with all my heart Patrick Dusek. ♡”

Maria Schaafsma says “Mom and dad I love you! Merry Christmas”

Dusty Ballou says “Happy holidays joe and will”

Joe Labadie says “To my lady merry christmas sweet heart”

Dusty Ballou says “My munchkin happy holidays”

Carol Flint says “Wishing all my family and friends a happy and safe holiday.”

Sarah Jerome says “Want to wish my kids n grandkids a merry xmas”

Melissa Dorr says “Lyn Raymond and Family”

Brandi Since Laid says “Ashley”

Charlotte Hollingsworth says “I wish all of the Upper Valley residents a holiday filled with sufficient heat and power and plenty of good food!  Stay warm everyone and to all a good night!”

Melissa Reed says “Merry Christmas Mom! (Donna Hammond!) Chris I out this contest, and if you win, share with me! :)”

Terri Batchelder says “My mom and dad, Harold and Renie Clark Even though we can't be with you in Florida for Christmas. Our hearts will be!! All my love”

Tim Fenton says “Lacey”

Meghan Raymond says “Kathryn Raymond- So proud of you, Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal!”

Michelle Green says “happy merry christmas.caeden kathleen!”

Karina Celms says “Cory Swinerton - Merry Christmas and love you hun! You is the bestest!”

Sheara Bailey says “No thank you”

Noelle Cowdrey says “Merry Christmas Missy! Thanks for sharing this- if I win I'll definitely share with you!”

Peggy Desmarais says “Tina Bergeron  MERRY CHRISTMAS”

Tina Bergeron says “My Family”

Peter Fenton says “Merry Christmas”

Mathew Zweeres says “Whitney Zweeres”

Marcy Schaal says “Merry Christmas to everyone here is to a healthy happy new year...”

Susan Borchert says “jim borchert”

Kathleen Lowell says “Merry Christmas to all our troops who are serving our country. Many Thanks for your Service♡”

Tarrah Thibodeau says “Merry Christmas from the Thibodeau family!”

Sarah Jerome says “Wishing my mom a merry christmas”

Christine Fields says “Curt happy holidays”

Brandi Singelais says “Debra McCarthy”

Donna Britch says “A very Merry Christmas to all of my family and friends and a great New Year.”

Jacey Cobb says “Merry Christmas Bobby Boggess! I hope you have a wonderful holoday and a very happy New Year!”

Tracy Nadeau says “I want to wish everyone in the Hanover high school class if 1998 a happy holidays!”

Amy Jayne says “Happy holidays Jacey! Thanks for letting me know about this through Facebook!”

Dusty Ballou says “Happy holidays”

Dusty Ballou says “Merry Christmas Wyatt”

Joe Labadie says “Merry Christmas baby”

Jennifer Billingham says “Merry Christmas to the Greenwoods, Whitman's and Billinghams”

Rhonda Billingham says “Jennifer billingham”

Laura Paquette says “Doug and Julie Miller, John and Donna Snell, Chris granger”

Heather Johnson says “Sharon Collins, I hope you have a fantastic Christmas and we cant wait to have you over for our first Christmas in our new home.”

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