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Holiday Wishes from the Community

Dec 05, 2014 08:43PM ● By Ryan Frisch
From our family to yours we wish everyone a very happy and safe holiday season and pass along these good thoughts, wishes and tidings from the community!

Happy Holidays!

Diane Perry to "All my family and friends that you all have safe and happy holiday!"

Starr Moore to "All my friends on Facebook, hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!"

Pam Charbono to "Angela Tibbets, Linda Schwarz, Pat Nrwberry"

Kim Blanchard to "Ashley - happy holidays!"

Brandi Singelais to "Ashley Blanchard and Christina Rogers"

Sarah Zierfus to "Christopher Blanchard"

Ron Flood to "Diana flood. Love you mom!"

Stephanie Chesnut to  "Drew Coombs"

Wanita Webb to "Ginny Ballou ...Happy Hollidays! Love you all!"

Bridgett Taylor says "Happy December, Alexis!"

Nance Jewel-durkee says "Happy happy happy holidays Lynn Peryy"

Rhona Tuthill says "Happy holidays every one."

Brandon Stevens says "Happy Holidays from the Stevens Family!"

Dena Durkee  says "Happy Holidays Mom! Candy Durkee"

Michelle Green says "Happy Holidays MVP!" AND we say thank you! Happy Holidays to you too!

Kris Daniels says "happy holidays Terry McNamara!"

Rose Grenier says "Happy Holidays to all my friends and family!"

Sarah Bragg-Donovan says "Happy Holidays to all the men and women who work so hard to keep us safe: The police, firefighters, EMTs and those who serve our country. Thank you for your service and may you have a safe holiday season filled with the ones you love."

Virginia Ballou says "Happy Holidays to all the service women and men and Happy Holidays to everyone."

Kathy Jo Gallo says "Happy Holidays to All!"

Bonnie Philbrick says "Happy Holidays to Melissa and Rollie Renault."

Wanita Webb says "Happy Holidays to my lovely daughters and their families!"

Michelle Green says "happy holidays Vermont! and happy holidays, Barbara Bragg!"

Sandra Carleton to "Harry & Avid Stacy - Happy Holidays Mom & Dad! Thank you for all that you do! Love you guys, Sandra"

Melissa Renault says "I would like to wish all of my friends and family Happy Holidays!! Much love to you all!"

Sandra Filiault says "I would love to wish my brother Greg and his family a wonderful Christmas! They know the true spirit of giving to those in need and they practice this all year, not just during the holidays."

Ashley Blanchard to "Jodi Fernedez. Wishing you a joyus holiday this year!"

Kim Thornton to "Kerri Hall"

Debbie McCarthy to "Kimberly  happy holidays"

Virginia Ballou says "Merry Christmas everyone! These are great giveaways!"

Larissa Pyer to "My dad, Clyde LeMay!"

Jody Thompson to "my family"

Alisha Lundrigan to "My sister Heidi Perry. I wish you a very happy holiday... I miss and love you so much"

Kim Thornton to "Ron Gadway"

Nance Jewel-durkee to "Sandy Clark"

Kerri Hall to "Sara Doney Merry Christmas"

Lise Davini to "Sarah Governo. You bring joy to many lives."

Ryan Frisch says "Happy Holidays to my entire family! I can never thank you for your never ending support and love!"

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