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Upper Valley Yoga Studios: A Yogi’s Quest

Jul 08, 2014 09:46PM ● By Victoria Pipas

You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes every day—unless you’re too busy. Then you should sit for an hour. —Zen proverb

The Upper Valley is filled with busy, successful people driven by sometimes-hectic schedules, so yoga studios are necessarily prevalent. Whether you practice it every day as part of your exercise program or once a week to clear your mind and restore balance to your life, yoga provides generous health benefits of all kinds. No one is too old or too young, too fit, flabby, stiff, stretchy, happy, or moody for yoga; everyone can grow in the studio. So choose your antidote from the list below and bid farewell to whatever ails you: back pain, stress, inflexibility, or lack of energy. You will sweat, burn, twist, breathe, and, most importantly, smile. Enjoy your journey and namaste!

• Bikram Yoga Upper Valley. Prepare to sweat out your stress and strains—Bikram yoga can get toasty! This studio is located at 1011 North Main Street, Unit 5, in White River Junction, Vermont (which is, incidentally, a hotspot for yogis). Bikram yoga refers to a series of 26 poses and two breathing exercises that, all together, form a system designed by Bikram Choudhury. Traditionally, Bikram yoga is “hot yoga” done in a heated space. You’ll need a towel and a water bottle in addition to a yoga mat for this 90-minute class. Minimal sweat-wicking clothing is recommended; think tank tops, sports bras, and spandex shorts. In fact, consider this a workout, as 90 minutes of Bikram can burn between 600 and 1200 calories! This class is intense but versatile, and newcomers are welcomed on a walk-in basis. Classes take place consistently on the same daily schedule from week to week. For more information about class scheduling and prices, visit the Bikram Yoga Upper Valley website.

• Upper Valley Yoga. This studio, also located in White River Junction (at 58 North Main Street), is another mecca for yoga practitioners of the Upper Valley. It is probably most distinct in both its successful history—11 years of teaching—and its class variety. Descriptions of classes are available on the website and range from restorative yoga to Pilates–Yoga fusion. For a risk-free sample of what yoga entails, attend the once-a-month Free Community Yoga Class. Classes at Upper Valley Yoga are anywhere from 60 minutes to two hours long and designed to accommodate a variety of schedules. This is a perfect studio for novices and advanced practitioners alike, all located in one space.

• Ancient Healing Arts Yoga Studio. Conveniently located near the green in Lebanon, New Hampshire, the AHA Yoga Studio offers a quiet, hidden retreat from a busy day. Notably, this studio offers classes intended to target specific issues and aspects of health; for example, some classes focus on safe alignment, while others are designed for prenatal yoga practice. In addition, the studio occasionally hosts guest speakers, including other yoga teachers and researchers in the health field. AHA Studio embraces yoga as a healing tradition and explores it in its most ancient as well as its most modern and effective forms. The studio is at 2 West Park Street in Lebanon, and information about classes can be found here.

• Mighty Yoga. The newest member of the yoga studio family, Mighty Yoga is located in Hanover, New Hampshire, in the lower level of the Gilberte Interiors building. The Mighty Yoga studio offers Power Yoga classes using the Vinyasa-practice style. Teachers are committed to strength in mind and body, as well as to the joy of the strengthening process. Don’t be afraid to smile and laugh if your body inspires you to do so. At Mighty Yoga, allow yourself to be surprised along the path where yoga leads you. For more information on the daily classes offered, visit the Mighty Yoga website.

Do you practice yoga? What’s your favorite studio in the Upper Valley?

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