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Bring Your Landscape to Peak Condition with These Summer Care Tips

May 20, 2014 06:35PM ● By Ryan Frisch
Delightfully warm summer days are finally here! Just as you’re ready to enjoy our short, sweet New England summer, your lawn and gardens need special care to keep them healthy and beautiful. Here is a summer sampler of recommended Summer Grounds Maintenance. The right timing and techniques make a big difference in bringing your landscape to peak condition and keeping it there.



By now your grounds show the benefits of Spring clean up. Lawns (depending on rainfall) are lush and verdant. Your gardens are likely past their Spring bloom, though it was a late start, and colorful summer blossoms are bursting forth. Trees and shrubs are fully leafed out.

  • Adjust mowing height and frequency to grass and weather conditions
  • Water/irrigate as needed. To conserve water and get the most benefit, water in the early morning or evening
  • •Monitor/treat property for damaging pests and weed control
  • Edge walkways, driveways and garden beds
  • Refresh mulch to help with weed control and moisture retention
  • Add perennials and annual plants to gardens


Summer is at its peak. July 4th week is often time for a well-deserved family vacation or an Independence Day lawn party! Warmer, drier weather makes watering and proper lawn/garden care a priority.

  • Adjust mowing height and frequency to grass and weather conditions
  • Monitor lawns for pests, weeds and proper irrigation
  • Keep gardens weed-free and watered. Deadhead spent perennial blooms and use environmentally friendly pest control for problem insects
  • Install a new outdoor living space or enhance a walkway or garden path


Hazy, hot and humid late summer weather stresses your lawn and gardens. Late August is a key time for grounds care. It’s time to think ahead to colorful fall-blooming plants.

  • Adjust mowing height and frequency to grass and weather conditions
  • Weed, water, dethatch and aerate as needed
  • Overseed and fertilize
  • Deadhead spent perennials, weed
  • Enjoy the waning days of summer!

Article courtesy of Sean's Lawn N' Garden Services

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