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Ice Cream Quotes

Jun 14, 2011 08:46PM ● By Erin Frisch

What Are Your Friends’ And Neighbors’ Favorite Flavors And Childhood Memories?

Juston McKinney, Standup Comedian

Visit Juston’s website ( for his national tour schedule and links to his Live Free or Die monologue

Favorite Flavor: I’m a huge ice cream guy. It’s my vice. When I was a kid my favorite was black raspberry; now I’m definitely more of a sundae guy.

Favorite Combinations: My latest craze is an Almond Joy sundae. It’s vanilla ice cream with hot fudge, almonds, coconut, and whipped cream.

Ice Cream Story: You can never be in a bad mood eating ice cream. Have you ever seen a fight break out at an ice cream place? I didn’t think so.

Christian Wisecarver, Rapper and Filmmaker

The Super Secret Project–Creators of the YouTube sensation Granite State of Mind (

Favorite Flavor: I’m a big fan of Mocha Chip—have been since I was a kid. It’s my mom’s favorite flavor. I guess I’m a creature of habit; when I find something I like, I stick to it.

Favorite Combinations: I keep it simple: a big scoop of Mocha Chip in a waffle cone. Once in a while I like a sundae.

Ice Cream Story: My dad has an ice cream parlor in Maine. Every summer we visit for at least a week. I always seem to spend most of my time in the store. I gain 10 pounds every vacation.



Hannah Kearney, Mogul Skier, Olympic Gold Medalist & Vermont Native

U.S. Ski Team (

Favorite Flavor: Coffee and all the variations!

Favorite Combinations: I like it pretty simple; I’m not a sauce person. My mom always makes me an ice cream pie for my birthday—coffee ice cream in an Oreo cookie crust with chopped Oreos on top.

Ice Cream Story: Every ice cream memory is a good memory!



Dave Westover, Ice Cream Maker

Walpole Creamery (


Favorite Flavor: I’m a maple syrup producer, so Maple Walnut, Maple Cream, anything with pure New Hampshire maple syrup.

Favorite Combinations: Our Sweet Cream ice cream is wonderful with maple syrup, butterscotch sauce, or fresh fruit.

Ice Cream Story: Ice cream is a second career for me. I was in the insurance business, and for years no one wanted to see me coming. Now everyone wants to see me! It’s great fun.



Randy Gage, Merchandiser

Co-op Food Store (


Favorite Flavor: Peppermint ice cream from Walpole Creamery. It’s rich and creamy.

Favorite Combinations: I’m a purist. A good ice cream—a premium ice cream—is great all by itself.

Ice Cream Story: Dairy Day is June 18 this year. It is a great day for ice cream lovers. We set up tents at the Lebanon store, and local dairy vendors come to meet our customers, answer questions, and give out samples. The ice cream tents are always busy.

Drew Nelson, Co-owner with wife Claire

Board & Basket (


Favorite Flavor: Plain vanilla or maybe coffee. It’s what goes on it that’s important!

Favorite Combinations: I like liqueurs on my ice cream—a little Kahlua is my favorite. Then again, in a milkshake with maple syrup is terrific.

Ice Cream Story: I remember turning the crank at my grandmother’s house when I was little. You had to take your turn at the crank if you wanted to get any ice cream. My wife Claire also made ice cream with her grandparents. Now we make ice cream with our granddaughters and they love it. Of course it’s much easier now; we just plug in the machine!

Morgan Morano, Gelato Maker

Morano Gelato, Hanover (

Favorite Flavor: I think my favorite is Cassata; it’s very sweet and unique. It’s loaded with candied fruit and almond essence.

Favorite Combinations: Chocolate with anything. With gelato it’s traditional to have multiple small scoops of different flavors. Chocolate goes well with everything.

Ice Cream Story: After culinary school I lived in Italy off and on for six years and fell in love with the gelato. Especially the Sicilian gelato; it tastes wonderful—very intense. I was lucky to meet a brilliant Sicilian gelato chef, and he took me on as his apprentice.

Michael Thoma, Owner

Arctic Dreams, New London

Favorite Flavor: I’ve got at least a dozen favorites. I eat a lot of vanilla. It’s a palate cleanser between different scoops!

Favorite Combinations: I love milkshakes. My favorite combines vanilla ice cream with almond syrup and a banana.

Ice Cream Story: I’ve been scooping ice cream for a long time. When I was a kid, the New London Pharmacy had a soda fountain. In high school I worked behind the counter, scooping ice cream and whipping up frappes and sodas.

Meredith Johnson, Owner

Fore-U Ice Cream, West Lebanon (

Favorite Flavor: It changes every season. This year it’s Brownie Batter.

Favorite Combinations: When I was a kid, we always went for ice cream at Pete & Roger’s after T-ball and softball games. My favorite was vanilla soft serve with rainbow sprinkles.

Ice Cream Story: Ice cream is a fun business. Everyone looks forward to seeing the ice cream stand open. We always open on April Fools’ Day. This year we opened in the middle of a blizzard! Only in New England.

Michael Lesser, Gelato Maker

Leonardo’s Italian Gelato & Sorbet (

Favorite Flavor: At the moment, Raspberry Chocolate Chip Sorbet. We make it with big shards of chocolate. Sam’s Creamy Chocolate Chip (it’s named for my son) is a close second.

Ice Cream Story: I remember the first demo we did at a kitchen store in Waitsfield. It was so much fun. We made up a bunch of different flavors and all everyone could say was WOW!

Carlo DePrato, Gelato Maker

Leonardo’s Italian Gelato & Sorbet (

Favorite Flavor: All of them! I eat them all and love them all!

Ice Cream Story: My father had a gelateria when I was a kid. Every night after I did my homework, he’d give me a couple of scoops. One night when I was 10 or 11, I kept going back for more. On the fourth trip back, he gave me an enormous bowl. It must have been 20 scoops. I ate it all!

Susan Reid, Baker

King Arthur Flour (

Favorite Flavor: I’m partial to things with caramel and chocolate swirled through or a really good maple walnut.


Favorite Combinations: I love a real banana split. Chocolate and bananas are a wonderful combination.

Ice Cream Story: I grew up in New Jersey. Every summer we’d go down to the shore and get the most amazing hot waffles with ice cream. Creamy ice cream was sandwiched between two crispy waffles; they were incredible.

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