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An Introduction to Scotland

And The Christmas Revels: A Scottish Highlands Celebration of the Winter Solstice

We’re bringing old Scotland to New London! Revels North is having a cѐilidh (kaylee) with music, dance, and storytelling at the Historical Society in New London, NH. Come out for an evening with travel advisor Heather Radl, a Scotland specialist with a passion for the heritage and history of the country; Scottish dance from Molly Stone; music by renowned piper Ian Gauthier; and tales from New London’s local storyteller, Simon Brooks. Yes, there will also be tea and shortbread! Simon will regale us with Scottish tales of ghosts and mythical beings, and no doubt Ian Gauthier on pipes will give Simon a hard time about his Irish bodhrán drum! Heather will share ways you can delve into Scotland’s heritage in your own travels. Molly Stone, Scottish drummer and dancer, will not only perform for you, but will also share the symbolism and heritage of the highland dances, as well as teach you a few dance positions. Weaving together the legends, folktales, and traditions of Scotland’s past with information on how you can experience those traditions in the here and now, these experts will transport you to a land filled with myths and legends that still seem relevant today in its misty glens and craggy shores.

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